Typecasting Survey


Consent Notice:

This is a research survey, which asks your opinions on the meanings of fonts. The survey has several parts, and each part takes about ten to twenty minutes to complete. Currently there are five parts. You can complete one part, quit, and later return to take additional parts. The survey asks for your age range, education level, gender, and occupation. This information will be anonymous and remain confidential. The opinion data collected in this survey will be analyzed for statistical trends and may be reported or published, but you will not be identified. Participation in the survey is voluntary. If you quit now, your opinions and information will not be recorded.

When this survey is given as an assignment in an RIT course, you may request that your data not be analyzed for publication or presentation outside the course. Instead of the survey, you may elect to do an alternative activity: a research paper on font connotations. The individual benefit of taking this survey is that you may gain a new or different perspective on the relationship of font variations to meanings, which will help you understand typography better. The broader benefit of this survey for communication arts and sciences is that you will help the graphical semantics of typography become better understood.